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About Me

I have been taking photos for over 25 years. I have traveled the globe to such places as India, the Bahamas, Germany, Austria, Utah, California, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and more. I currently live in Honesdale Pennsylvania.  I have a real passion for wildlife photography and specialize in horse photography.

I attended University as a biology major and a chemistry minor and was a pre-med student.  I met my husband in Paramedic school but had to give up my career in medicine due to a severe decline in my health and so decided to pursue my other passion; photography.


I have had 75 surgeries and have been told I shouldn't even be alive but my faith and sheer determination have been my Dream to move forward with this Company. 



Contact Me

61A Dug Rd

Honesdale, PA 18431

Tel: 505-414-2611

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